• Occupation: Carpenter/Builder
  • Country of work: Nepal/Canada
  • Scholarship provided by: Master Builders Foundation Victoria

Hamish is employed in Apollo Bay, Victoria by Peter Tripp P/L, specialising in the construction of new homes and domestic buildings. In 2010 He completed a degree course in Construction Management at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology together with a Diploma of Building. He then made a decision to start an apprenticeship since he wanted to learn the basic fundamentals of carpentry and building work and will complete his apprenticeship this year at Federation University in Ballarat. He was awarded the Master Builders Foundation State and Regional Apprentice of the year in 2016.

His employer says that he is capable of working independently; always asking if unsure of a situation and that his teamwork, integrity, care and cooperation with his colleagues as well as his moral code are all of a high standard.

Hamish has many interests including surfing, fishing, trekking, travelling, kayaking, building furniture, golfing and gardening. He volunteers his time for golf course working bees and school maintenance and plays mixed basketball competitively.

He will start his overseas experience in Nepal for 3 to 6 months as volunteer rebuilding villages that were destroyed in the 2015 earthquake. As Nepal is at the forefront of renewable energy with many self-sufficient villages Hamish expects to learn a great deal in his time there. He will then proceed to Vancouver in Canada to work and expand his experience within the building industry.